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RIGHTSPOT (Formally known as Jobook)

Rightspot formally known as Jobook has relaunched our solution.

Rightspot’s purpose is to help talents find their sweet spot – doing what they are Good at, doing what they Love doing, in an Environment that they thrive in and Earn their desired income.  We help by providing a smart and efficient talent marketplace where talents can be matched to jobs offered by employers and resources offered by service providers of learning and development programs, coaching and mentoring services etc. Our solution is available in both the web and app form.

For more information about Rightspot, visit https://www.rightspot.co.



Courses to Improve

Courses to Improve

Providing Internet Training Courses for teaching you the skills to create your own profitable web property for both your businesses and personal sites.

Our workshops are specially designed so that anyone can learn how to create their own websites or blogs to market their products or services without any technical programming language know-how!





Website Design

Website Design


 Provide elegant and simple web and print design solution. Building custom made, professional websites to suit your business needs. Our clients range from SOHO & small business (SMEs) to MNCs.

While our design has never been cheap, it has always been AFFORDABLE and most importantly, VALUE FOR MONEY.CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE and CHANGE EVERYTHING.






Design a proper and well-designed logo could carry the flag of your business for 10 or 20 years. More importantly is, all your marketing and advertising efforts will be centralised around the initial ideas and concepts put into your logo. Because of its importance, it is wiser to engage design specialists for the task. 










Digital & Offset Printing Services. Our Services include Printing of Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Table Calendars, Booklets, Catalogues, Presentation Folders, Letterhead, Envelopes, Greeting Card, Wedding Invitation Card, Membership Cards, Stickers, etc..








Films include corporate videos, YouTube videos describing your business through video. 

We CREATE, We SCRIPT for you. Yes, you might want to go to production companies and get them to do it. But talking heavy issue with heavy humour is never easy. We have the experience and knowledge on how we can help you. You can now have a one step closer to your customers.

Corporate Conferences
Whether it’s a large meeting or a more intimate gathering, we orchestrate memorable events for brands – experiences which communicate client messages most effectively. The memories we create become the product the audience takes away; Special Events, Roadshow and Exhibition.




For more information email us at sales@inspirearts.net